Duplicate Remover for Excel

Duplicate Remover for Excel 3.1

It helps you remove duplicates from your Microsoft Excel worksheets

If you have massive Microsoft Excel spreadsheets with hundreds of thousands of records, then it's impossible to manually remove duplicated entries from them. Duplicate Remover for Excel is a program that installs itself as an add-on for Microsoft Excel and adds an additional tool bar to it. The program was made to help the end users to find duplicated records in thousands of cells and up to one million rows in the same table. Duplicate Remover for Excel has many different options made to meet different users' needs; the program offers multiple options to deal with the duplicated contents by the use of an easy-to-follow wizard that enables you to color the duplicated rows with the color you choose, delete the duplicated records, export the duplicate records to a new spreadsheets or simply merge them to an existing Excel document. Duplicate Remover for Excel is a helpful tool to find not only duplicated cells but also unique ones, the program can compare two different tables to retrieve duplicates. The program is compatible with Microsoft Excel 2003 and earlier versions however the program is not compatible with Microsoft Excel 2007. The program can perform the searching process very fast and efficiently.

Vivian Adel
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  • 1-Find and highlight duplicated cells in excel sheets
  • 2- Remove duplicated cells option
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  • 1- The trial version expires after 15 days only
  • 2- The program is incompatible with Microsoft Excel 2007
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